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Step Indictator

UX Problem

The ProctorExam team was getting feedback from exam takers that the large icons that were originally at the top of the screen, during both the exam setup and system check, were being recognized as large buttons and not as steps in the process that needed to be completed. Exam takers who shared this feedback with us needed assistance from support in order to start their exams because of this confusion.


I went to Duolingo as an unlikely source of inspiration for the solution and found that it would be most effective to have a progress bar instead that fills up the closer the exam taker gets to completion of the process. I also came up with the idea of making the progress bar red if there’s an error in the current step.


the solution got full buy-in from stakeholders due to it making it easier for exam takers to know they are going through a process and what steps they need to take to complete it. It is for this reason that this step indicator is now featured in the exam setup and system check experiences from ProctorExam.