About Me

As a User Experience (UX) Designer, my work demonstrates the importance of realizing the user’s expectations, especially during critical moments where usability and accessibility are vital. I chose this path so I could use both my creativity and programming skills to make effective solutions that ensure nobody has to go through the pain I and so many others went through using web apps in college. After being required to learn to use so many apps by institutions to do something as simple as register for a class, I later found out it wasn’t just DSS-supported students like myself who were having these issues. Five other non-DSS students I knew in my English class back in Fall 2014 failed to register for classes before the deadline and thus could not continue their educational journey next semester. I got so sick of being told by counselors that these experiences are necessary in order to graduate that I immediately decided to take design more seriously. It is vital that every experience be a great one for all, whether they are an expert or a novice. It should just make sense.

Outside of UX you can see my faith-based artwork at Nathan Nasby Art. I’m also the father of two indoor potted pineapple plants and I enjoy being the administrator of the OpenBSD server that is hosting this portfolio.